About BeeKind Farms

BeeKind Farms is passionate about producing raw, traceable, honey bee products. We support healthy ecosystems and we promote all things local and traceable.

We install and maintain bee hives in backyards, on farms,  in supermarkets and on urban rooftops for restaurants, families, and businesses. 

BeeKind Farms cares about the welfare of honey bees as well as the people around the world who rely on these creatures for agricultural, environmental and economic support. 


Our Honey

Raw honey has many beneficial qualities helpful in promoting immune, digestive and respiratory health. Raw honey is a strong antioxidant. Honey is also known to have anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, and anti-viral properties.

Every jar of BeeKind Farms honey is traceable to its source hive. We hand write the harvest date, hive name (identified by her queen bee) and jar number from each harvest.

No funny honey here. Our honey is 100% pure, made by bees. Nothing added, nothing taken away. 

Raw, unfiltered honey will naturally crystallize and can then also be enjoyed as a thick and spreadable texture. Or, it can easily reliquified by slowly warming the honey jar in bowl of warm water.

Our Honey Bee Services


Please contact us to request a quote or additional information about our offerings.



Honey Bee Education in Schools

       Our Science Presentation is catered to any age & includes:

  • Observation hives with Live Honey Bees!

  • Keynote slide presentation 

  • Real empty bee hives, wax comb

  • Beekeeping components and Beekeeper tools.

  • Honey tasting, Q & A

  • Photo opportunity with Beekeeping gear 


    • Hourly, by appointment: Service available for hive owners. We can install your bee packages,  perform hive inspections, make necessary queen replacements, feed, split, relocate your bees or assist you in any way.

    • Seasonal contracts: This includes bee package installation, registration, bimonthly hive inspections, Integrated pest management, honey harvest, spring and fall feedings, queen monitoring and overwintering. Connecticut and New York including NYC and Long Island. 
    • Small scale pollination: call us to discuss your needs.

    Apiary Installations

    • We site survey your farm, garden, or rooftop to determine ideal placement for your desired honey bee colonies.

    • We handle all logistics for single bee hive installations in urban environments, large scale farmland apiaries and everything in-between.

    Extracting & Bottling 

    Are you a beekeeper? We can extract and bottle your honey from the frames you harvest from your hive. We'll even freeze your frames to combat wax moth eggs before we return them to you with your honey.  Pickup and delivery is available. 

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